Purdy Friends of the Library hosts funding, membership drive

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Group asks for donations of books, audio books, movies for library

The Purdy Friends of the Library hopes to boost awareness of the committee, as well as usership at the Purdy Branch Library, by hosting its first ever fundraiser at the Purdy Festival.

The group plans on selling gently used and like-new books, audio books, and movies that are not rated above PG-13 at the festival on Saturday.

Nancy Dotson, secretary of the Purdy Friends of the Library, said the most important reason they are holding a fundraiser at the Purdy Festival is to increase their self-advertisement of the newly-founded committee as well as to increase awareness of the library in general.

"We want the community to be aware that we exist," she said. "The biggest issue the Purdy Library has is not being known by Purdy residents.

"There's no sign on the highway saying that it's there. There are so many people in this town don't even know they have a library

available to them."

Dotson says that she and other committee members decided to start the Friends of the Library Purdy Branch after utilizing the library so much themselves. She says that it dawned on them that if the library cut its hours any more or if it shut down, they would have to drive to Monett, which is 13 miles away.

"Some people say that the school library can be enough for the town, but the school library doesn't have accessible computers for the public," she said. "The school library isn't available in the evenings.

"The school library doesn't have books that older residents want to read. It's not enough."

The Purdy Library was previously open Monday through Friday and would stay open for a half-day on Saturdays. Now, the library has cut its hours to three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Dotson says the library will allow the committee to extend the library hours back to full-time if they can prove an increased interest and utilization of the library by town residents.

"I think that if people were even just aware of the library they have, the usership of it would increase," Dotson said. "There are so many things the library has and can do to boost usership like activities that can track genealogy and presentations about how to use digital photography and technology, because some of the older residents have never learned but are interested."

The Purdy Friends of the Library is a newly-formed committee working at the library since April. Last month, they finally gained enough interest and had their first meeting. The committee now has chosen board members, and it is up to 25 total members. They all have an interest in keeping the library open and extending the hours for their kids and neighbors to be able to fully utilize everything it has to offer.

Dotson said the group is holding the fundraiser as a way to increase awareness as well as to raise funds that they can funnel back through to the committee and the library.

The Purdy Friends of the Library are asking for donations to be delivered to the library Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. They will have a booth at the Purdy Festival all day on Saturday to sell the items to raise funds for the library and the committee.

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