Sales tax shift results in downward trend for June

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Most local recipients see revenue rise by mid-year

Missouri Department of Revenue's unprecedented shift of sales tax disbursement to May resulted in a significant drop in funds sent to bi-county cities and counties in June.

Traditionally the biggest month of the year for sales tax, coinciding with payments made quarterly, June numbers dropped about 10 percent from a year ago after the 43 percent spike in May. Most recipients reported mid-year gains compared to 2013.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales taxes show a revenue drop of 10 percent from last June. Only Wheaton and Seligman showed gains.

Cassville's 1 percent tax for general bills generated $71,249.83, a drop of $4,315.18 after spiking $15,670 in May. Cassville's receipts have been up in three of the last six months.

For the first half of 2014, revenues for Cassville and Exeter rose by 3 percent. Wheaton's receipts have risen by 30 percent and Seligman is up 14 percent. Washburn is down for the year by 3 percent.

Purdy's 1 percent sales tax for general bills produced $5,109.09 in June, down $1,089.18 after a rise of $1,816.59 in May. The June payment ended the fiscal year at $55,741, the lowest in the four years that only one tax has supported Purdy's general fund, though totals from the one tax have ranged only about $6,000 over the last seven years.

Purdy's general fund total of $27,395.06 represented a 3 percent drop from last year's pace. Receipts from Purdy's three taxes combined represent a drop of $1,084.54 from the 2013 
mid-year mark.

Monett's two sales taxes for the general fund, up by more than $63,000 in May, fell by $26,530.27 in June, the fourth time in six months that sales tax totals have fallen this year. The general fund total for 2014 of $867,845.32 represents a 2 percent increase.

Receipts from all four of Monett's sales taxes for the year to date tallied an increase of $254,597.60 over last year's pace. The three-month fiscal year total for the general fund is up by more than $15,500.

Verona's 1 percent tax for general bills received $2,099.19 in June, down $571.38 from a year ago. The three-month total of $8,080.67 is the best start to the fiscal year in three years. The 2014 general fund total of $15,326.73 reflected an 11 percent jump from last year's pace. Receipts from Verona's three taxes combined rose by $3,020 over a year ago.

Total sales tax to the bi-county area, not counting Barry County 911, totaled $1,548,406.44, the lowest June total since 2011 and a drop of 9 percent comparing the same taxes collected last year.

Barry County's new 1/8th-percent sales tax to boost general fund income yielded $215,209.14 so far this year.

The sales tax supporting Barry County's 911 service produced $123,082.78, down $6,549.89 from last June. With augmented receipts from the increased tax, the 911 tax has yielded $659,404.83 in six months, up $204,595.78 from a year ago.

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