CPD hopes to implement Community Safety Net

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Cassville Police Department is hoping to team up with Community Safety Net in order to educate children in the community about safety.

Community Safety Net is a safety awareness and education initiative that creates a network of community organizations that want to protect and educate children.

"This is just another resource for safety information for our children," said Dana Kammerlohr, Cassville police chief. "They are very nice spiral booklets that allow the children to go over the information with their parents at home."

The Community Safety Net program gives communities large booklets that increase awareness and bring communities together for the benefit of children. The booklet's topics include personal safety, drug safety and fire safety.

It is a family-oriented educational program that is meant to be read by the children with their parents.

"The booklets and DVDs do not have to be taught by teachers or officers," Kammerlohr said. "It is something that parents could go over with their children."

The Cassville City Council has not yet seen or approved the program. If it is approved, a project coordinator from the program will visit Cassville and the local businesses and organizations to build awareness and raise support for the safety initiative.

If the council approves the program but the school district does not, Kammerlohr says they can give the handouts to children at community events.

Community Safety Net will be on the agenda for the July 14 city council meeting, to be held at 6 p.m. at city hall.

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