Barry County Youth Camp draws 100 children

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
All 100 campers attending this year's Barry County Youth Camp and the counselors gathered before enjoying a day's activities at Camp Smokey. Contributed photo

Program deemed successful at Roaring River State Park

The 49th annual Barry County Youth Camp once again had a successful run at Camp Smokey at Roaring River State Park.

A total of 100 campers from ages 7-10 and 26 counselors participated in a wide range of activities patterned around the theme "Exploring Nature's Magic."

Amanda Reese brought her miniature horse and buggy to give rides to each camper during the Barry County Youth Camp. Contributed photo

Each camper received a new pair of shoes, T-shirts, underwear and toothbrushes, thanks to donations supporting the program.

According to Shirley Bass with the organizing committee, campers went swimming twice, visiting the park pool and the aquatic center in Cassville. The YMCA furnished buses to transport the children from camp to Cassville. Campers also went on many hikes.

A variety of programs offered both education and entertainment on a wide range of topics. Children made and decorated insect houses, enjoyed tie dying, had a visit by Amanda Reese's miniature horse and buggy and witnessed the Highway Patrol's simulator for how vehicles feel in a rollover accident, stressing the importance of safety belts.

During the last night of the camp, held May 27-30, a carnival offered games, face painting, popcorn and cotton candy, balloons and prizes for all. Each child went home with a photo.

Sarah Pfitzner served as director this year. Summer Smith and Johnny Verstraete were co-directors. Sandy Pfitzner returned a camp nurse. Serving on the cooking staff were Judy McConnell, Greg Davis, Bob Mareth and Melvin Casper. Kami Willis was the craft director.

Campers assembled for activities both indoors and outdoors at scenic Camp Smokey at Roaring River State Park for the Barry County Youth Camp. A group moved through one of the outdoor picnic areas that served as an activity center through the week. Contributed photo
Sack races challenged campers' agility and competitive spirit in unusual conditions, part of the daily exploration during the week-long camping session. Contributed photo
One of the highlights of the annual camp was a chance to get up close and personal with animals in the petting zoo provided by the Purdy FFA Chapter. Contributed photo
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