Barry County 4-H visits Minnesota

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teens learn about different 4-H 
programs, living in the north

Barry County 4-H members hit the road recently, as some of its members stayed with 4-H families in Wright County, Minn.

Ten 4-H teens between the ages of 13 and 18 headed to Minnesota on June 30 and stayed with the families for five days, using the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of 4-H in areas besides Barry County.

4-H Youth Development Specialist and CPD for the Southwest Region Jeremy Elliott-Engel directed the trip to Minnesota. He says the program is a great opportunity for the teens to learn how people live in other areas of the United States.

"This program is a good way for our 4-H kids to experience how people live in other parts of the country, as well as how other 4-H clubs do things," he said. "It allows them to learn about different people in different states in a fun hands-on way."

Greg Vangunda, 18, of Seneca, said he wanted to see how other 4-H members do things.

"I'm wanted to learn about other 4-H clubs and how they do things, and see how other people in different communities live, as well," he said.

Elliott-Engel said the teens spent the trip exploring places in the area like Lake Superior. The trip also included some extracurriculars, like attending a baseball game and making a trip to the Mall of America.

The Minnesota 4-H Exchange Program is a reciprocation for the Barry County 4-H club for hosting the Wright County 4-H club two years ago.

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