CHS teens rewarded for sobriety pledges

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Safe and Sober campaign urges teen alcohol abstinence

Seventy percent of students at Cassville High School signed a pledge this spring to not drink alcohol before they turn 21. Safe and Sober, a nonprofit founded in 2004, rewarded Cassville High School and its students this week for their participation in the program by giving them a check for $500.

Instructor Tina Mills and nurse Elaine Boles planned and executed the school-wide assembly at Cassville High School in the spring. Students from SADD were in charge of putting on a skit during the assembly, and a couple teens gave testimonials about the impact underage drinking can make on teens, their friends, families and classmates.

"It was a very emotional assembly and I was very proud of their efforts," Cassville High School principal Chris Redmon said. "[We] will work hard to achieve this again next year."

Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Missouri high school and middle school students and parents on the dangers of underage drinking and drinking and driving. For more information call 417-890-6677 or visit