Exeter searching for next police chief

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jacobson resigns from position, city looks to fill vacancy

The city of Exeter's police car is not seeing much action for the time being, as former Police Chief Marion Jacobson resigned from the role on June 14, taking another job outside of law enforcement and leaving the police chief position vacant.

Myrna Eisenbraun, city clerk for Exeter, said the city is searching throughout local law enforcement circles to find a replacement for Jacobson, who earned $10 per hour, and the vacancy is not out of the ordinary.

"We area looking around and seeing who we can come up with who can work for what we can pay and do all the administrative work, along with the patrols," she said. "Law enforcement is a tight community, so they know when we're out an officer, and we should start to get applications for the job soon. We've gone for spells without an officer before, but the sheriff's department and the state troopers are around."

Mick Epperly, Barry County sheriff, said deputies are making more runs through Exeter and are responding to 911 calls that come from the city.

"We will make extra patrols and answer calls while they don't have anyone," he said. "The Highway Patrol handles things like speeders and traffic accidents, and we'll respond to domestic calls and 911 calls."

Epperly said the sheriff's department is hopeful the city will find a replacement soon, and it is doing what it can to help.

"We are hopeful they'll find someone that works well with the city and with the people, too," he said. "We're looking at different people to see who might have an interest, and maybe a reserve will step up and handle it."

Epperly said even though the department is doing extra patrols in Exeter, it is not being kept from patrolling other areas as normal.

"We'll handle it with what we've got and shift things around," he said. "We've got to go where the priority call is, and it's in Exeter, that's where we'll go."

Eisenbraun said Mayor Rusty Reed will appoint someone to the police chief position, and his selection must be approved by the city council to be official. Eisenbraun also said the salary will be negotiated.

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