JROTC recognizes achievements at Scott Tech

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Legion awards, next year's

commanding officers named

By Murray Bishoff

Cassville Democrat

Cadets in the Junior ROTC program at the Scott Regional Technology Center recently received awards for achievement.

Recognized for their work on the color guard were: Anthony Benavidez, Sierra Coy, Charles Edwards, Kristian Gomez, Jaqueline Gonzalez, Virginia Higdon, Nicolas James, Matthew Kelly, Jonathon Keplinger, Tanner Marney, Elio Rodriguez and Nakia Zamniak.

Serving on the rifle team were: Elijah Brackeen, marksman; Tarek Masri, expert; and sharpshooters Giovanny Canalas, Sierra Coy, Charles Edwards, Kristian Gomez, Virginia Higdon, Jonathon Keplinger, Sean Williams and Matthew Young.

Recognized for excellent staff performance were: James Headrick, Virginia Higdon, Nicolas James, Tanner Marney, Tarek Masri, Mikka Sturgell and Nakia Zamniak.

The Academic Achievement Ribbon went to 47 cadets: Ashten Arnett, Anthony Benavidez, Brandon Bollinger, Benjamin Cole, Cody Cook, Sierra Coy, Morgan Drake, Kristian Gomez, Chaundr'e Hall, James Headrick, Matthew Kelly, Austin Lamastus, Tanner Marney, Tarek Masri, Ty Pendergraft, Danny Priester, Caleb Ross, Aaron Slater, Donovan Smith, Kurt Tennyson Jr., Nathaniel Travis, Kimberly Veith, Sean Williams, Nakia Zamniak, Andrew Barnet, Kaitlyn Bishop, Giovanny Canalas, Jonathan Collins, Emily Cooper, Hannah Curry, Charles Edwards, Jaqueline Gonzalez, Kaleb Hamm, Virginia Higdon, Jonathon Keplinger, Dayton Looney, Brandon Marvin, Patrick McCammon, Myran Presley, David Rey, James Schad, Cheyenne Short, Mikka Sturgell, James Tilford, Nickolas VanWie, Zackary Vollmer and Matthew Young.

Sixty-eight cadets completed the leadership, education and training requirements are the various levels. At level one, completers were: Benjamin Cole, Hannah Curry, Morgan Drake, Charles Edwards, Kobe Gates, Jaqueline Gonzalez, Austin Lamastus, Cody Omstead, Taylor Pitman, David Rey, Caleb Ross, Donovan Smith, Kurt Tennyson Jr. and Zackary Vollmer.

At level two, completers were: Ashten Arnett, Blake Baldwin, Andrew Barnett, Nathanial Benavidez, Kaitlyn Bishop, Elijah Brackeen, Parker Brown, Cody Cook, Emily Cooper, Chaundr'e Hall, Michael Hood, Morgan Howard, Dylan Ippolito, Sheldon Lipari, Dayton Looney, Brandon Marvin, Patrick McCammon, Myran Presley, Elio Rodriguez, Bradley Sammarco, James Schad, Aaron Slater, James Tilford, Brendon Towns, Kimberly Veith, Sean Williams, Wyatt Woods, Matthew Young and Nakia Zamniak.

Level three completers are Giovanny Canalas, Barry Lenhart and Cheyenne Short.

Level four completers were: Brandon Bollinger, Sierra Coy, Kaleb Hamm, Matthew Kelly, Tanner Marney, Lane Mt. Castle, Danny Priester, Nathaniel Travis, Johnathan Collins, Tylor Davis, James Headrick, Jonathon Keplinger, Tarek Masri, Ty Pendergraft and Kenneth Rice.

At level five certificates of completion went to Kristian Gomez and Mikka Sturgell.

Level six completers were Anthony Benzvidez, Sean Irving, Nickolas VanWie, Virginia Higdon and Nicolas James.

Completing requirement for JROTC proficiency certificates were: James Lamastus, Kim Veith, Dayton Looney, Kaitlyn Bishop, Elio Rodriguez, Chaundr'e Hall, Johnathan Keplinger, Mikka Sturgell, Tanner Marney, Sierra Coy, Anthony Benavidez and Virginia Higdon.

Superior Cadet Awards went to one cadet in each of the LET levels. Recipients were Charles Edwards, Elio Rodriguez, Tanner Marney, Kristian Gomez and Virginia Higdon.

The instructor leadership award went to Viriginia Higdon.

Team captains this year were: Anthony Benzvidez, Virginia Higdon and Matthew Kelly, color guard; Brandon Bollinger Kristian Gomez, Nicolas James, Jonathon Keplinger and Brandon Marvin, drill team; Matthew Kelly and Virginia Higdon, exhibition team; and Tarek Masri, rifle team.

Physical training awards went to the top five boys and girls. Male recipients, in order, were Lane Mt. Castle, Ty Pendergraft, Anthony Benavidez, Wyatt Woods and Donavon Smith. Top girls were Cheyenne Short, Jaqueline Gonzales, Morgan Howard, Virginia Higdon and Chaundr'e Hall.

Academic Excellence Awards for the highest grade point average in the various LET groups went to Zachary Vollmer, Elijah Brackeen, Giovanny Canales, Tarek Masri, Mikka Sturgell and Virginia Higdon.

The Distinguished Cadet with the highest grade point average was Tarek Masri.

Receiving commendation ribbons were: Ashten Arnett, Anthony Benavidez, Benjamin Cole, Morgan Drake, Jaqueline Gonzalez, Virginia Higdon, Nicolas James, Austin Lamastus, Brandon Marvin, Myran Presley, Aaron Slater, Kimberly Veith, Sean Williams, Nakia Zamniak, Andrew Barnett, Brandon Bollinger, Emily Cooper, Charles Edwards, Chaundr'e Hall, Sean Irving, Matthew Kelly, Tanner Marney, Tarek Masri, James Schad, James Tilford, Zachary Vollmer and Matthew Young.

Good conduct certificates were awarded to: Ashten Arnett, Parker Brown, Emily Cooper, Charles Edwards, Jaqueline Gonzalez, James Headrick, Austin Lamastus, Tanner Marney, Myran Presley, James Schad, James Tilford, Zachary Vollmer, Matthew Young, Andrew Barnett, Benjamin Cole, Morgan Drake, Kristian Gomez, Chaundr'e Hall, Virginia Higdon, Barry Lenhart, Brandon Marvin, Elio Rodriguez, Aaron Slater, Kimberly Veith and Sean Williams.

Members of the drill team were: Anthony Benzvidez, Charles Edwards, Chaundr'e Hall, Virginia Higdon, Nicolas James, Jonathon Keplinger, Brandon Marvin, Danny Priester, Aaron Slater, James Tilford, Nathaniel Travis, Wyatt Woods, Brandon Bollinger, Jaqueline Gonzalez, James Headrick, Sean Irving, Matthew Kelly, Tanner Marney, Tarek Masri, Elio Rodriguez, Mikka Sturgell, Brendon Towns and Sean Williams.

Members of the exhibition drill team were: Anthony Benavidez, Kaitlyn Bishop, Brandon Bollinger, Elijah Brackeen, Giovanny Canales, Sierra Coy, Charles Edwards, Kristian Gomez, Jaqueline Gonzalez, Virginia Higdon, Nicolas James, Matthew Kelly, Jonathon Keplinger, Tanner Marney, Brandon Marvin, Tarek Masri, Patrick McCammon, Danny Priester, Elio Rodriguez, Mikka Sturgell, Kimberly Veith, Wyatt Woods and Nakia Zamniak.

Jim Sharman's Revolving Trophy leadership award went to James' Unarmed Regulation Drill Team.

American Legion Posts in Barry and Lawrence counties gave national awards to cadets. The Cassville Legion Post gave gold, silver and bronze military awards to Anthony Benzvidez, James Tilford and Kimberly Veith. Gold, silver and bronze scholastic awards went to Nicolas James, Matthew Young and James Lamastus.

The Freistatt Legion Post gave military awards, in ranking order, to Jaqueline Gonzalez, Nakia Zamniak and Sean Williams. Scholastic honors went to: Danny Priester, Charles Edwards and Kaitlyn Bishop.

The Monett Legion Post gave military awards, in ranking order, to Matthew Kelly, Kaleb Hamm and Nickolas VanWie. Scholastic awards went to James Headrick, Emily Cooper and Aaron Slater.

The Mt. Vernon Legion Post gave military awards, in ranking order, to Mikka Sturgell, Giovanny Canales and Dayton Looney. Scholastic awards went to Sierra Coy, Chaundr'e Hall and Myran Presley.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Award went to Nicolas James.

The Sons of the American Revolution recognized Brandon Bollinger.

Military Officers Association of America honored James Headrick.

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command Cadet Award went to Anthony Benavidez.

The National Sojourners Award went to Virginia Higdon.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry recognized Nicolas James.

The Noncomm-issioned Officers Association gave its award to Sean Irving.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart recognized Kristian Gomez.

Serving as command and staff for the year, listed by level of service, are: S1: Tarek Masri and Cheyenne Short; S2: Tanner Marney and Elio Rodriguez; S3: Mikka Sturgell and Kimberly Veith; S4: Sean Irving and Brendon Towns; S5: Virginia Higdon and Nakia Zemniak; and S6: James Headrick and Myran Presley. Alpha company was headed by Danny Priester and Commander Jonathon Keplinger. Bravo Company was led by Matthew Kelly and Commander Kristian Gomez. This year's battalion commander was Anthony Benavidez. The executive officer was Nicolas James and Brandon Bollinger served as sergeant major.

For next year, Tarek Masri has been named executive officer. Matthew Kelly will be the sergeant major and Tanner Marney the battalion commander. Team captains will be Aaron Slater and Brandon Marvin, drill teams; Jaqueline Gonzalez and Matthew Kelly, exhibition drill; and Matthew Kelly and Nakia Zamniak, color guard. Serving by level of service will be: S1: Michael Hood, Ashten Arnett; S2: Aaron Slater, Austin Lamastus; S3: Taylor Pittman, Dayton Looney; S4: Sean Williams, Kaitlyn Bishop; s5: Nakia Zamniak and Kimberly Veith; and S6: Myran Presley and Matthew Young. Leading Alpha company will be Andrew Barnett and Brandon Marvin. In charge of Bravo Company will be Kaleb Hamm and Elio Rodriguez.

Twenty-five seniors graduated from the JROTC program this year. Monett graduates were Anthony Benavidez, Giovanny Canalas, Sierra Coy, Hannah Curry, Kristian Gomez, Virginia Higdon, Nicolas James, Kenneth Rice and Nickolas VanWie.

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