Past city employee returns as clerk

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cooper appointed by city council to vacant position

Darelyn Cooper has worked off and on for the city of Cassville since 2006, and those years of experience are why she was appointed by the city council to serve as city clerk.

Bill Shiveley, mayor of Cassville, said Cooper has served as city clerk and chief financial officer for the city, and he's happy to have her back on board.

"It means a lot to us to have her," he said. "She knows the budget, she knows where records are kept, and it's a huge blessing to have her here as we transition forward."

Cooper, who was hired in early June to replace the late Karen Jennings, said she's happy to be of service to the city.

"I've had a lot of experience with the city, primarily on the financial officer side, but some on the city clerk side as well," she said. "It is fortunate for me to be able to do this because I want to help, and it's fortunate for the city to have someone available that can do it. It's a good solution for everybody."

Shiveley said he's hoping Cooper will stick around for a while, even though she came out of retirement to fill the position.

"She has indicated she wants to stay no more than two years, and then retire after that," he said.

Shiveley said Cooper's appointment to the role of city clerk was an easy one, and the city did not advertise for the position.

"It was a no-brainer to hire her since she had already been there before," he said. "She had stepped back and worked part-time on special projects for us, and we hired Jennifer Evans as a public financial officer, so Darelyn will be working with her as well."

Cooper said part of her role as city clerk will be training Evans, who is taking classes to obtain her financial certification.

"Jennifer is the deputy city clerk, and once she gets her financial certification, she will be taking on more of the city clerk job," Cooper said. "She will make a wonderful city clerk after I retire, and that's why I'm glad to stay on, so she will have the opportunity to learn all of this. An, it's good to have someone you know will stay in the area."

Shiveley said Evans taking over after Cooper leaves is the city council's plan, as the position is council-appointed and does not require any advertising or election.

"[Evans taking over as clerk] is what the current council has in mind, but we don't know what the future might bring," he said. "And, since Jennifer is the deputy city clerk, this is all stuff she needs to learn any way."

Cooper, who lives in the country between Cassville and Wheaton, will earn $16 per hour as city clerk.

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