Cuts will affect Cassville Mercy employees; Hospital announces nationwide cut of 200-300 workers; local impact not disclosed

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

By Caitlin McKenzie

A Mercy Hospital spokeswoman said she does not know how many jobs will be lost at the Cassville facility this month.

Mercy recently announced the it would cut 200-300 jobs nationwide. The cuts are expected to take place later this month.

"We don't know yet how many employees in Cassville will be affected," said Sonya Kullman, senior media relations specialist. "We do know that it will not affect any of the employees in any patient care areas."

Cassville Mercy employs 116 people, of which about 50 people work in support fields such as human resources, administrations, finances and marketing. These employees may be affected by the reduction plan this month.

In a press release, Mercy officials blamed a lack of Medicaid expansion in several of the states they serve as well as reductions in reimbursement from government and commercial payers.

Mercy officials say they have been working to consolidate non-patient care support services in order to become more efficient.

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