Purdy school district boosts teacher salaries; District opts to concentrate on pay while insurance in flux

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

By Murray Bishoff

Cassville Democrat

An $1,800 raise for teachers' pay in the Purdy School District will boost salaries for the coming year under a new salary schedule.

The new base set the salary for a first-year teacher with a bachelor's degree at $30,000, and first-year teacher with a master's degree at $32,250. Each year of service increases pay by $400 for the first 10 years, with smaller increases available through 30 years.

Superintendent Steven Chancellor said the school district intended to boost pay this year, especially in light of changes in insurance. In April, the board voted to pass insurance increases of 6.5 percent to to the employees. The insurance cost averaged out to about $30 a month more expense per employee.

"Our salary increase more than covers that," Chancellor said. "Rather than guess what the government is going to do, we decided, 'Let's put our money into salaries and adjust benefits later.'

"Right now it's like a dog chasing a rabbit that's always 10 feet in front. This will also give us time for the Missouri Trust consortium to grow some roots. By then we will know what they will do for us."

Purdy's health insurance cost stemmed from joining a new and

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