Crowder College announces spring dean's list

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NEOSHO -- Crowder College recently announced more than 600 students qualified for the dean's list in the Spring 2014 semester.

To qualify, a student must achieve a 3.5 grade point average or higher and take at least 12 credit hours of courses numbered 100 or higher.

Local students named to the dean's list include:

* Cassville: Cicily Atkinson, Kelsey Baker, Samantha Barberio, Eric Bohmke, Clifford Butterfield, Brittni Cook, Hannah Elkins, Amber Ganoung, Allison Hammond, Krystal Haney, Mary Her, Spencer House, Marilyn Hughes, Lucy Khang, John Kho, Garrett Kirk, Alyssa Knight, Cassidy Larson, Karin Linenbrink, Susan Meltabarger, Anne Menego, Matthew Nosko, Tina Pankratz, Jose Rivera, Jordan Shore, Emily Speakman, Hunter Speakman, Katie Stephenson, Braiden Vaught and KaSabra Wilson.

* Washburn: Richard Choate, Hannah Hendrix, Brandy Hess, Cody Hobbs, Chantel Martin, Sharon Masterson, Courtney Morgan and Amy Swan.

* Exeter: Joshua Antle, Kylie Brown, Austin Couey, Catherine Meyer, Kandace Norman, Marissa Robbins, Curtis Sartin and Makala Stephens.

* Purdy: Jory Bartkoski, Brooke Cahalan, Michael Fenske, Alejandra Gomez, Shala Harris, Jenna Moll, Vaughn Payton and Teresa Utter.

* Shell Knob: Eric Blalack, Leslie Brown, Michael Gambone, Emily Pouncey and Ashley Schalk.

* Seligman: Valerie McKeever and Stephanie Spiva.

* Eagle Rock: Christina Mock.

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