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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Missouri State Parks looking for assistant superintendent

With former Roaring River State Park Assistant Superintendent Kerry Hays being hired as the park's new superintendent, Missouri State Parks is searching for someone to fill the position he left behind.

Steph Deidrick, information officer for Missouri State Parks, said the state is looking to hire someone for the Park/Historic Site Specialist III position, which acts as assistant superintendent.

"The application process is ongoing," she said. "Plans are to fill the position this summer."

Deidrick said while the position is vacant, Hays and other park staff have had to buckle down and cover the duties normally handled by the assistant superintendent.

"The park superintendent is taking on additional duties with the assistance of other park staff to make sure the park continues running smoothly until the position is filled," Deidrick said.

According to the position listing at the Missouri Office of Administration website, the Park/Historic Site Specialist III position has a salary range of $37,176 to $52,680 per year, and applicants should be well-versed in cultural resource preservation, general natural resource management, historic site administration, outdoor recreation and parks administration.

A few of the duties of the position include:

* Plans and directs the overall operation and maintenance of a state park or historic site facility offering a variety of services which may include campgrounds, lodging, marinas, stores, trails, special ecological management areas, historic structures or non-structural cultural remnants.

* Assists a manager in planning, implementing, and directing the operation, maintenance, and visitor services at a complex and multifaceted state park or historic site facility.

* Oversees and directs the presentation, interpretation, and preservation of cultural and natural resources.

* Develops, implements and maintains an artifact and specimen management program including accessioning (formal process of accepting an item), cataloging, and preserving facility collections following Missouri Division of State Parks guidelines.

* Develops and implements emergency response plans which address natural disasters and human incidents.

* Develops and implements facility construction and maintenance procedures that are compliant with state and federal laws, rules and regulations relating to the environment, public health, safety and accessibility.

* Oversees and manages specially designated cultural and natural resources or areas at a state park or historic site facility.

* Oversees state-operated concessions and services; manages the collection of fees and revenues ensuring adherence with proper fiscal control procedures.

* Monitors the operation of and provides assistance to concessionaires to ensure contractual compliance and visitor service.

* Provides budget recommendations regarding operational expenditures; equipment, supply and service procurement; and facility expansion and repairs.

* Researches historical, cultural and natural resource materials; prepares reports and interpretive materials; develops permanent and temporary exhibits; presents technical and interpretive information to professionals and the general public.

Applications for the position must be submitted through the Merit Application Process online at, where each application is graded and ranked in order before the interview process begins.

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