Council mulls parking issue on 6th Street

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cars parked on street on Sundays causing safety issue

The city of Cassville is mulling its options for 6th Street, where a dangerous parking issue has been brought to light.

Don Beeson brought the situation to the city's attention at the last meeting, saying there should be no parking in on 6th Street in the area between the First Baptist Church and Dr. Assing's office, especially on Sunday mornings.

Beeson said it creates a safety issue because the road is not wide enough for two cars to pass if cars are parked on both sides of the street. In addition, he said he has had to back up and allow cars to pass three times.

He said it is also a hazard to have people darting out from behind parked cars, as they are hard to see, and parked cars on a public street should not impede the flow of traffic.

Alderman Jerry Marple said that he drove through the area several times and agreed that it was hard to see traffic approaching.

"We need to come up with a comprehensive plan, and not be creating trouble spots," said Ann Hennigan, alderwoman. "We just want to keep people safe."

As there are only about five parking spots causing the issue, it was also suggested that church members try to avoid parking there.

Hennigan recommended that public safety investigate the scene, and a make a recommendation on what should be done.

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