Cassville Intermediate names Physical Fitness Award winners

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Cassville Intermediate students participated in the Fitnessgram Challenge Test in the months of March and April in their physical education class.

The Fitnessgram Challenge helps to motivate children to have an active lifestyle and is a great tool to help students set fitness goals that relate to five fitness components.

The state of Missouri has changed its formal physical fitness evaluation test to the Fitnessgram Challenge. The Presidential Youth Fitness award acknowledges those students who score at or above the required Healthy Fitness Zone on all five items tested. The five fitness components tested were: back-saver, sit and reach (flexibility); body mass index check (body composition); pacer test (endurance); curl-ups (abdominal strength); and pull-ups or flex-arm hang (upper body strength).

There were 175 students in grades 3-5 that qualified for the Presidential Youth Fitness award.

Third-grade students earning the award included: Akhilleus Arguelles, Tylar Burnette, Truan Coones, Faith Correia, Taylor McCorkle, Dixon Reid, Ella Reuter, Nicholas Sanders, Andres Sobrero, Kenli Stone, Chloe Thomas, Emily Wilson, Carson Wolf, Brianna Birchfield, Aidan Cook, Mason Gautney, Kory Hilburn, Caleb Leach, Jillian LeCompte, Annie Moore, Lane Smith, Tyler Thomas, Macie Walker, Trey Wilson, Faith Yocum, Brandy Creason, Hernan Hernandez, Newt Howe, Charley Melton-Hovland, Ashlee Muller, Ivan Perez, Lexy Robar, Mathew Whittenburg, Jadon Ewing, Easton Fare, Ava O'Gorek, Dulce Rivera, Jason Roberts, Ally Ruiz, Wyatt Alexander, Kayla Cheek, Andrew Dickinson, Kenneth Hunter, Jacob Martinez-Maldonado, Kalia Miller, Edgar Perez, Ethan Recia, Kristen Stough, Joshua Yount, Kaylee Blisard, Jolie Evans, Reese Heiden, Sara Longley, Marianne McCrackin, Gabe Moore, Breanna Saige, Sydney Turner, Mason Vincent and Grace Yocum.