Scott Tech raising tuition rates

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cassville R-4 expects $7,000 increase next year

Between tuition hikes at Scott Regional Technical Center and an increase in the number of students who attend it, the Cassville R-4 School District is anticipating paying $7,000 more to the center next year.

Richard Asbill, superintendent of Cassville Schools, said the district paid about $170,000 for the 68 students who attend Scott Tech this year, and with 78 students already enrolled for next year and tuition rates going up, a larger bill is unavoidable.

Annual tuition rates for Scott Tech this year are $2,200 for the career technical center program, $1,950 for the JROTC program and $1,800 for the work experienced project program. Next year, the career technical center program will go up to $2,250, the JROTC rate will raise to $2,100 and the work experience project program rate will climb to $2,050.

"Students may go in the first semester and not in the second, or they may move to a different district, and we're billed each semester," Asbill said. "So, the numbers fluctuate. It appears more students want to go, but depending on the program, some students may be on a waiting list so kids at other schools can go, too."

Asbill said because of the waiting list, and wanting to make sure students make good use of district money spent on education at Scott Tech, the district plans to have attendance, behavioral and academic contracts, which will be signed by the student and by parents.

"We have a commitment form now, and we're looking to expand that," he said. "Crane does a contract with their students and parents, and we're looking to model it after theirs. It provides expectations of good attendance, good behavior and good academics, and we want to do that so students and parents know the opportunity to attend the center is a significant financial commitment for the district."

While more Cassville students plan to attend Scott Tech next year, the district may have to deal with some of its on-campus classes not having enough students.

Asbill said during the scheduling process, if a class has 10 students or less, the district reevaluates the class and decides whether it should be moved to a better time, as Scott Tech students go in the morning or in the afternoon, or if the class should be substituted for a different one.

"There are only so many opportunities to duplicate a class, and a lot of the practical arts classes are impacted because so many students are taking those classes at Scott Tech," Asbill said. "We have to plan well and provide the opportunity to offer classes on campus, but if there's no one to take them, we have to look at moving them or offering different classes.

"We try to focus on our students' interests and provide all we can, but we only have so many students, so some classes don't make [the minimum enrollment requirement]."

Scott Tech is a part of the Monett R-1 School District, so all money billed to the Cassville R-4 School District is paid to Monett Schools.

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