City of Cassville to upgrade technology

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New agreement with MDC Technology to save city $700 annually

The city of Cassville will soon upgrade its computers, monitors, printers and server, as the city has agreed to a new lease with MDC Technology.

The city's current lease expires on July 18, and to avoid a three-month lease extension, the city had to either sign a new lease or buy out the equipment.

If the city had chosen to buy the equipment, which includes computers, monitors and printers, it would have had to write a check for $6,616.42, and would still have to use equipment that is at least three years old.

The new lease will give the city brand new equipment by August at a cost of $5,664.84 per year, with payments at $472.07 per month. The new lease is $736.48 per month cheaper than the old lease, which is costing the city $6,401.32 per year, with payments of $523.86 per month.

In the transition period in August, MDC Technology will do all the labor of installing the new equipment at no extra cost to the city, and the new equipment will include warranties.

The city will also get a new server, as the one it owns now is about six years old. Officials said they plan to keep the old server, using it to split up city functions, which will likely lead to the Police Department having its own server, separate from the rest of the city.

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