Exeter School Board members look forward

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Incumbents set goals for terms after reelection

Reelected incumbents to the Exeter School Board are setting their goals for their next three years on the school board.

Gary Stringer, Kerry Mattingly and Larry Meyer were each reelected on April 8 and are happy to be back in their seats on the board.

Meyer, who earned 114 votes (25 percent), said he was not sure if he would get reelected, but he's happy to be serving for another three years and has a couple goals in mind for his upcoming term.

"I feel things went pretty good, and I'd love to see some sort of movement toward a storm shelter," he said. "Coach [Jay] Allen is interested in trying to get a grant written to bring a storm shelter to Exeter, and we need to support him."

Meyer said Allen's plan would be to have a storm shelter at the district, which could be used as a multi-purpose room for a gym, a weight room and for health classes.

"We have some kids that are just on the edge of becoming obese, so having good athletic programs with a good health program would be great to see."

Mattingly, who was narrowly elected with only four more votes than Jason Cole at 102 votes (22 percent), said she wants to thank voters for giving her another three years on the board.

"Everyone ran with the same intentions, and the school, the kids and the administration take priority," she said. "So, I hope to keep doing what I've done over the past six years and continue doing it for another three."

Meyer also said he's excited for Exeter to become accredited with distinction, which he said is not far off.

"We have to have 90 percent of our students with over 90 percent attendance, and we're really close to that," he said. "We have to give the teachers credit there because they make school fun for the kids and keep them coming."

Mattingly said she hopes to put a strong emphasis on security and technology in her new term.

"Security is our No. 1 priority, and we have some updates coming with cameras in the buses and upgrades to security in the building," she said. "I also hope to get more technology in the hands of our kids."

Cole, who was running for the board for the first time, garnered 98 votes (21 percent). He could not be reached for comment.

Stringer, who was elected with the most votes at 147 (32 percent), could also not be reached for comment.

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