Cassville Senior Center seeks donations

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Center hopes to resurface parking lot in next month

The Cassville Senior Center is working to resurface its parking lot, and the center is looking for donations to fund the project.

Ron Black, president of the Cassville Senior Center Board, said the center received a bid from Hutchens Construction of Cassville for $21,200, and the center is hoping to complete the project as soon as possible.

"We hope to start the resurfacing next month, and it will have to be done on a Saturday," he said. "It will only take one day to do it, and we're looking to do it as soon as we can."

Black said the importance of the center in the community is great, as it delivers between 4,600 to 4,800 meals per month to homebound seniors, as well as offering other services at the center itself.

"We service the largest area of any of the centers in the southwest district," he said. "We serve as far as Seligman, Wheaton, Shell Knob, Exeter and Monett. And, about 150 people come through our doors every day for assistance with things like hearing aids, foot care and to speak with health workers."

Rosalie Powell, a former board member, said the center plays a vital role in the community.

"There are so many people in the community who have a family member or know someone needing the center's services," she said. "We have also not had any fundraisers for quite a while."

The center is funded through a 1/2-cent sales tax, which is distributed through the tax board. Black said most of that money goes to the Barry County Council on Aging, and they need it because they do so many home visits that keep seniors from having to enter a retirement home.

Shirley Hurst, treasurer on the Cassville Senior Center Board, said the center operates on an average of about $50,000 per year, routinely using all that money and still needing more.

"Our expenses usually match our budget if not exceed it," she said. "We have about $1,600 raised in donations for the parking lot so far, and if we can get half of the cost donated, that would be amazingly wonderful."

Hurst said once the parking lot is finished, the center plans to have an indoor yard sale fundraiser later in the year to rebuild funding at the center.

Donations made for the parking lot resurfacing are tax-deductible, and checks may be mailed to the center at 1111 Fair St., Cassville, MO 65625, or dropped off at the same address.

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