113 cars roll in to 1st Cruise-In

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Dwayne Holmberg, left, shows Larry Averman the 1936 two-door sedan he rebuilt, as the two were attending the first Cassville Cruise-In of the year at the Barry County Museum. Holmberg said the original car was not drivable, but now, the 77-year-old sedan has been completely redone and comfortably carries four. Kayla Monahan/reporter@cassville-democrat.com

Residents show off, view cars at year's first event

The first Cruise-In of the year was held on Saturday, and 113 people brought their cars to the Barry County Museum for the event.

The club hosts the event on the second Saturday of every month from April to October, from 5 p.m. until dusk.

"Everyone brings their cars out for a good time," said Keith Rathbun, vice president of Cassville Cruisers Car Club. "If you are proud of your ride bring it out, no matter what it is."

Car owners who want to show off their cars display them, and residents walk around the free event admiring motorcycles, classic cars, new cars and trucks.

"It's about visiting with everyone about their cars and having the camaraderie of a bunch of gear heads getting together," Rathbun said. "We talk cars and visit with old friends. It's like bringing back cruising on Saturday nights."

Dwayne Holmberg featured his 1936 standard two-door sedan, which he rebuilt himself.

"I had a lot of friends with cars, and I decided I wanted to do one too," Holmberg said. "It's a great sense of self accomplishment and pride when people stop and look at my car."

Holmberg said when he found the car, it was a basket case, but in two years, he was able to make it look like a novelty.

"This car turns heads," Holmberg said. "New cars don't do that. This one is unusual because it's 77 years old."

Troy Lowe, Cassville Cruisers Car Club member, said the club has been meeting and hosting the event for four years.

"It's a nice environment here," Lowe said. "They keep the museum open late so people can go in and see it, and come out to look at cars."

Lowe emphasized that it was a free family event with no alcohol.

"The event has grown more than we anticipated," Lowe said. "It's about getting together, talking about cars and sharing our experiences. I always learn something."

Local Boy Scouts also took advantage of the event to sell food to raise money for their summer camp and new equipment. They sold hotdogs and hamburgers to get ready to go to Camp Arrowhead in June, where they will have a chance to go to classes and earn badges.

"The Boy Scouts have a long tradition of teaching respect, courtesy and helping the community," said Mike DeWitt, assistant scout master. "We teach them to do something good every day, and skills like how to cook, clean, hike and take care of themselves so they can become good adults and good citizens."

DeWitt said that they were excited to serve food at the event because they have limited opportunities for fundraisers, and selling hamburgers and hotdogs helped them work on social and customer service skills.

The next Cruise-In will be May 2 at 5 p.m. on the courthouse square in Cassville, kicking off the Dogwood Car Show on May 3. The next Cruise-In at the Barry County Museum will be May 10.

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