Second-graders to learn how, when to dial 911

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Barry County Emergency Services to visit schools

Second-graders will get some time out of their classrooms in late April and early May.

Ann Hennigan, officer manager of Barry County 911 Emergency Services, will be visiting area schools to teach students how and when to dial 911.

"It's a good feeling to teach the kids," Hennigan said. "It's a perk every year. The school kids are so responsive, and it's a good feeling to know that when I leave they can call 911."

Hennigan will teach the students when to dial 911 by going through different scenarios of what defines an emergency. For example, when your brother steals your candy bar, it's not okay to call. However, if your grandpa falls down and gets hurt, the students should call.

Hennigan said she enjoys the students, especially the ones that try to trap her with what if scenarios.

After the session, students will be awarded with certificates, pencils that change color by touch, and an activity booklet.

Each year, the department plans for the activities and uses about $500 of the public relations budget to buy materials, according to Hennigan.

"It's money well spent if one kid who did not know how to dial 911 learns," she said. "Maybe the next week, they have to call, and they will know how. You can't put a price on that."

Dates for Hennigan's sessions include: Wheaton and Southwest, April 29; Exeter and Purdy, April 30; Cassville, May 1 and Shell Knob, May 2.

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