Southwest R-5 track nearly done

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New facility opens possibility for future sports expansion

It's not much to look at now, just a gravel base surrounded by rain-soaked Missouri red clay mud, but in a few more days, the Southwest track team and community of Washburn will have a brand new track.

"Adding a track to the property at the high school was part of the six-year plan of our school board," said Kenny Ferguson, Southwest athletic director. "The track adds a valuable service for our track team and for utilization by the community."

According to Ferguson, the track was slated to be completed earlier this spring, but the unusually cold weather had delayed its completion. However, with the return of warm weather the task is close to being completed.

The track cost the district $385,000 and is located on a previously unused section of ground just northeast of the high school. According to Ferguson, it gives the Trojan track team a proud place to call home.

"Our kids are used to setting up hurdles in parking lot and roughing out lines on a grass field in order to train," Ferguson said. "When we did go to a track to practice, it was on Sundays in Cassville. This facility alleviates that restriction and burden on our coaches and players."

While the school board has no immediate plans to expand its sports offerings, the track facility opens the possibility for the school to potentially add a football and soccer program.

"Right now we are excited to have this new tool that will benefit the community and our students," Ferguson said. "This track will be a source of pride for all for the next several years."

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