5 people seeking seats at Wheaton School Board

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 incumbents, 2 challengers seek trio of school board positions

Three incumbents and two challengers are hoping to win seats on the Wheaton School Board on April 8.

Lewis Royer, Landon Brattin and Joseph Brattin are returning board members, and Tony Ball and Scott Prewitt are challenging for the open seats.

Royer has served seven years on the board and is seeking his fourth term on the board.

"I want to continue being involved in the community," he said.

Landon Brattin, seeking his third term, said part of the reason he is running is because he's had two children graduate from Wheaton, has two children who still attend, and he has one child who will begin schooling soon.

"I ran again because I've got children in the school, and because I like to help the school," he said.

Joseph Brattin, a first-time candidate with three children attending Wheaton, said he his running to help the school continue to improve.

"The school has good leadership over the past few years, and I hope I can continue that," he said. "I'm a Christian man that believes in Christian values in schools, and I hope to make that succeed."

Tony Ball, a pastor at Ridgeley Baptist Church and first-time candidate for the board, said he spends lots of time around children and hopes to be an asset to the district.

"I had some people approach me and I thought and prayed long and hard before I made the decision to run," he said. "I have been around kids and the faculty and support them by going to events and checking up on them."

Prewitt, also a first-time candidate and Wheaton alumnus, said he has three children who graduated from Wheaton and two who still attend, so he wants to get more involved.

"As a tax-paying citizen of the district, I decided to take an active role in how the school is handling everything," he said.

Royer said if he is reelected, he hopes to use his years of experience on the board to his advantage.

It takes some time to learn the process of how the school board works, and after serving several years, I think I have become more of an asset to help the school," he said.

Landon Brattin said technology upgrades are a big goal for him if he is elected.

"I hope to keep improving the school and making it a better place for the children," he said. "I want to improve their educations by upgrading to newer technology and improving our lunch programs."

Joseph Brattin said his goals include continuing to make the district a better place.

"We have good quality teachers at the school, and a good staff and good superintendent," he said. "I'd like to see that continue if I am elected.

"I think I'll work well with the school board because I am friends with most of them, and I'll try to do what's best for the school."

Ball said he hopes to continue the work of the school boards to improve the district as much as he can.

"I want to continue working toward maintaining and improving the school for the kids, faculty and staff, and continue the betterment of the district," he said. "We are doing well right now, and we've probably got the best administration we've ever had."

Prewitt said improving technology in schools is his biggest goal.

"I would like to see the school continue the trend of moving forward with technology to keep up with the rest of the world and the bigger schools, when it is financially feasible."

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