Exeter Police hires reserve officer

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Marion Jacobson, left, Exeter police chief, speaks with his new reserve officer, Michael Steward. Steward is a volunteer officer who will work about 20 hours per month, mostly on nights and weekends. Kyle Troutman/editor@cassville-democrat.com

New officer to work nights, weekends in city

Marion Jacobson, Exeter police chief, has known Michael Steward since the two worked together in Seligman in 2012, and Jacobson has hired Steward again, only in a different city.

Steward, the new volunteer reserve officer for the Exeter Police Department, was discharged from Seligman in October of 2013 due to budget cuts, and Jacobson said Steward was his first choice for the Exeter opening.

"He is professional and presents himself well," Jacobson said. "He's a good guy, and he gets along very well with people, so when I found out he was discharged, I wanted to bring him here."

Jacobson said he sought out Steward for the position, as he was cleared to hire a reserve officer in February but had no applications.

Steward, who is also studying information security at Colorado Technical University, said his approach to being a police officer is mostly what he learned from Jacobson back in Seligman, when he was the chief there.

"I think the best approach is to be respectful and treat everyone as family until you can't," he said. "I find it's easier communication-wise if you are genuinely nice to people."

Steward, who applied for a number of police officer jobs in the area but has not been hired, said police work is where he feels he should be.

"I like the job and the challenge it presents," he said. "I didn't have any problems in Seligman, and I don't foresee any problems arising here. I would like to be an officer for a while and use my degree to move up. The [National Security Administration] hires a lot of people with that type of degree."

As a reserve officer, Steward will volunteer about 20 hours per month and work night and weekend shifts, depending on his schedule.

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