Lack of rebar slows Purdy school construction work

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Library project may wait until May


Construction at the Purdy school complex has progressed slowly since the road on the north side of the high school was closed in February.

"We're still missing an entryway," said Steven Chancellor, Purdy superintendent. "The kids are already intrigued by the plywood [over the old entryway to the gym]."

The main holdup appears to stem from a low supply of rebar for contractors. Chancellor said crews under Bales General Contractors hoped to pour footings for the new entrance to the gym on March 14, but could not advance farther without the rebar.

School board members asked about moving the two trailers used as classrooms between the high school and elementary wings, where the new library will be built. Chancellor said Aaron Bolin, who purchased the modular classrooms, planned to move them a week ago. The school delayed the process by deploying digging equipment for a day and a half looking for a water line break between the school and Farm Road 1085.

"If we start [work on the new library] after we finish MAP testing, we'll still get done by the time school starts," Chancellor said.

The $1.045 million construction project is funded by $525,000 in lease purchase certificates and district building reserves. The district maintains a capital projects fund and each year can place up to 7 percent of its state money, as calculated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, for future improvements.

Work includes a facelift on the exterior entrance to the gym, a new entryway into the gym and a new ticket box, moving and expanding the restrooms available for sports events, doubling the size of the cafeteria with a new section that can serve as a concession stand for sports events, adding a new library and other improvements. The entire project is contracted to take 182 days, which could be complete by early August, weather permitting.

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