Exeter R-6 sells pair of vehicles

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mini-Bird, box truck sold for $4,300 total

The Exeter R-6 School District has sold two vehicles out of its fleet for a total price of $4,300.

The district sold its Mini-Bird, a 32-passenger school bus, to Kirk Pierce, of Kansas, Okla., for a price of $3,200. It also sold its box truck to Gary Thompson, of Cassville, for a price of $1,100.

According to school officials, the Mini-Bird was not in use and worth about $1,000 in scrap metal.

Ernest Raney, superintendent of Exeter Schools, said the Mini-Bird was put to good use when it carried students from Exeter to Monett for the Scott Trade Program. But now, the district has too many students enrolled in the program to use the bus for transportation.

"We have not used the mini-bus this school year or last school year, and it was starting to have some mechanical issues from sitting too much," he said. "Rather than putting money in it to repair it, we decided to sell it since it wasn't being used."

Officials said the box truck, which has about 265,000 miles, is riddled with maintenance issues, and the district would never recoup the original price paid, which was a little more than the bid amount, nor the money spent on maintenance over the years.

The truck was used up until this school year for the district's recycling program, where it picked up recyclable items from local businesses, baled the items and sold the bales at a great enough value to cover fuel and maintenance costs.

Raney said with the selling of the 16-foot box truck, the school is now in search for an eight-passenger vehicle that will allow for hauling a 16-foot trailer, which will be used to transport small groups of students to events, deliver items from the agriculture department to local businesses and haul things like chairs used for school events and graduation.

"We save money by getting a smaller vehicle instead of using a bus to transport those smaller groups of students," Raney said. "But, we have not yet found a new vehicle that will work for us."

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