City employee plans future career goals

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Jennifer Evans, Cassville accounting clerk, talks business at her desk at Cassville's city hall. Evans recently took a government accounting class, working toward her goal of becoming city financial officer. Kayla Monahan/

Cassville accounting clerk takes class, hopes to become city financial officer

Jennifer Evans, city of Cassville accounting clerk, recently completed an online government accounting class funded by the city.

Evans previously worked part-time at a bank, so she would be free to spend time with her children. Last year, she decided to get back into a full-time career. With a bachelor's degree in mathematics and experience in banking, Evans was hired by the city for the role of accounting clerk.

"I really enjoy this position, and I wanted more experience in government accounting," Evans said.

Evans approached Cassville City Clerk Karen Jennings to ask about taking the class. Her request was approved, and Evans took a continuing education online class through Georgia State University for $419. The class was an introduction to government accounting, with 10 lessons and a final exam.

"Government accounting is different because everything has to be accounted for in each different department," Evans said. "It's scrutinized because it's a municipality and held to a higher standard. There is a lot to know, and this class helped to me to understand better."

Evans has a long-term goal of becoming the city financial officer and to become a certified public finance officer. The certification requires a bachelor degree, three years experience and passing a five-part exam.

Evans said she plans to spend the next two years getting experience and taking more classes to help her prepare for the exam.

The city budget only allowed for one class this year, but Evans said she might be able to take another class after the mid-year budget adjustment in June.

In Evans' position of accounting clerk, she is responsible for paying bills and keeping track of budgets. As financial officer, she would participate in audits and advise the mayor and council on bonds and grants.

The funds for the class came from the city training budget, which allows city employees to attend seminars, conferences and classes throughout the year to further their educations.

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