Bean Hollow tabbed for prescribed burn

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mark Twain National Forest sets March 15 as tentative burn date

Prescribed burns began in February in Mark Twain National Forest, and the Bean Hollow area in Barry County is on the list of areas designated for a burn.

The tentative date for the burn is March 15, according to the Mark Twain National Forest staff.

Jody Eberly, Mark Twain National Forest Fire Program manager said that it is difficult to plan the dates more than a few days in advance because the weather conditions have to be right.

"We monitor weather and fuel conditions up to the very moment the match is lit, and if all conditions are not right, we will cancel or reschedule some of these prescribed fires to make sure we meet our objectives," Eberly said.

According to Reggie Bray, fire management officer, the burn could take place earlier, depending on weather conditions.

Bean Hollow is located near the junction of Highway M and Highway 76. The border of the burn will follow Forest Road 1063, up to Forest Road 1064.

Bray said there are homes in the area, and a control line is around the homes to manage the fire. Usually 15-20 officers control a 1,000-acre prescribed burn.

The prescribed burns can help to improve animal habitats and prevents hazardous material, such as brush and limbs, from building up and causing an uncontrolled fire.

Bray said this fire is for glade restoration open woodland restoration. By having less large trees, it keeps the understory open for the wildlife.

"Fire is part of the eco-system," Bray said. "It can be good if used right.

According to forest services, about 30,000 acres of prescribed burns takes place every year. Last year, the Rock Creek unit of the forest was burned.

The schedule for burn updates may be found at

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