Barry County spends $97,000 replacing bridge

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Construction is complete on new bridge on Farm Road 2060 in Kings Prairie Road District. The project is one of several new bridges being built in Barry County, costing approximately $97,000. Kayla Monahan/

Bridge on Farm Road 2060 now open for travel

Barry County is building a new bridge on Farm Road 2060, part of the Kings Prairie Road District.

The county spent $26,961.92 on a prefabricated bridge on Farm Road 2060, in addition to $70,665 for the installation. The total cost for the bridge is $97,626.92.

Cherry Warren, Barry County presiding commissioner, said the county chooses what bridges need replaced and repaired based off of an inspection report from the Missouri Department of Transportation, which lists the ratings of each bridge. He said commissioners, based on traffic, use and location, start with the bridges on the list in most need and work their way up.

"If a bridge is unsafe, it needs to be replaced," Warren said. "I think Barry County has one of the best bridge programs around."

The new bridge was moved 20 feet north in a project, which began in November.

Last week, a telephone pole was removed from near the bridge, and the final work was done to make the bridge open for travel.

The county replaces about four bridges per year and repairs others as its budget allows.

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