New senior community going up in Shell Knob

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mountain View Estates offers 28 units for sale to seniors 60-plus

A new senior community, Mountain View Estates, will be opening soon in Shell Knob.

The community will feature 28 side-by-side patio homes, each containing two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area and a two-car garage.

All units are wheelchair accessible.

The homes are built as purchased by Paul T. Enterprises, and the land is owned by Shell Knob Seniors Incorporated.

Paul Trauch of Paul T. Enterprises said every home will include a safe room to ease the minds of residents during storms.

"We felt this was what the community was looking for," said Trauch. "There are no neighborhoods for seniors here. This will be the first for seniors."

The cost for a unit of 1,343 square feet will be $160,000. For the elite unit, 1,452 square feet, which includes an office or den, the cost is $166,000.

In addition, homeowners can expect to pay an average of $310-$390 per month for insurance, taxes, electricity, Internet and home owners dues: maintenance, yard work, sewer and water.

"This is a senior community with all the amenities that seniors like," said Jerry Arnold, chief operating officer of Shell Knob Seniors Incorporated. "As seniors retire, it's a comfortable home with all the maintenance taken care of."

The homes are now ready to be sold. Four units have already been purchased. According to Arnold, homes can be finished in about six months.

For more information, people may contact Mountain View Estates at 417-858-2426 or go to

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