Prosecuting attorney looking at upgrades

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cox's office aims to go paperless, speed up court process

The prosecuting attorney's office is considering bids for a new integrated server, laptops and workstations, including installation and setup.

According to Microsoft's website, support for Windows XP will end on April 8 meaning there will no longer be updates and technical support for the Window's XP operating system, which is used by the prosecutor's office.

As a result, Prosecuting Attorney Johnnie Cox's office is aiming to make upgrades. The office's current server is from 2005, and its desktops were installed in 2008.

With the new upgrade, the office will be moving to a paperless system. The update will allow the prosecutor to take laptops into the courtroom, providing them with access to past cases and any other pertinent information.

Information in the courtroom now is written on paper and then entered into the computer. The proposed upgrade will remove the writing step, allowing employees to process information more quickly.

"Ultimately, if we go to a paperless system, we won't have to rely on putting together a paper file," Cox said. "We can avoid double data entry, review what cases are against the defendant and speed up the process in court."

No decision has been made on which company will provide the upgrades. However, Cox said he expects it to be decided in the near future.

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