Area schools surpass allotted snow days

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Inclement weather creates days not required for makeup

With all area schools canceling classes Feb. 3-7 due to inclement weather, districts are mulling makeup-day options that will likely extend school into summer months.

The Cassville R-4 School District allots 10 makeup days for inclement weather throughout the year, and with last week's lingering snow and poor road conditions, the district is now five days over that allotted amount.

"We have 15 missed days total, and I'm not sure how we're going to make them all up," said Jill LeCompte, assistant superintendent of Cassville Schools. "We will have to decide what days to add during our next school board meeting."

The state requires schools make up 10 days missed due to inclement weather, and any days past those 10 are not required to be made up. However, Superintendent Richard Asbill said his office will request to the school board to add two more days, April 18 and April 21, just in case one of the makeup days must be made up.

Makeup days for Cassville include: Feb. 14, Feb. 17, March 14, March 17, March 31 and May 19-23.

LeCompte said the district tries to match days with Monett's district, as nearly 100 of its students take classes at the Scott Regional Technology Center in Monett.

The Southwest R-5 School District has missed 17 days of school this school-year due to inclement weather, and Superintendent Bob Walker said the decision whether or not to make up more than the required 10 days is still in discussion.

Makeup days for Southwest Schools include: Jan. 20, Feb. 13, Feb. 17, March 17, April 21, May 15-16 and May 19-21.

"Our only option now is to tack on more days at the end of May, but we have no definite time set to decide that," Walker said.

The Wheaton R-3 School District has missed 15 days due to weather events, but Superintendent Lance Massey said the district will likely not makeup any more than the 10 days required by the state.

"That is only for inclement weather, so if we were to cancel school for a flu outbreak or something like that, we would have to make up those days," he said. "If for some reason we have inclement weather on one of the makeup days, we would have to make up that makeup day."

Days in which Wheaton have or will make-up classes are as follows: Jan. 20, Feb. 14, Feb. 17, March 17, April 21, May 16 and May 19-22.

The Purdy R-2 School District has missed 14 days due to inclement weather this year, and Superintendent Steven Chancellor said that has led to the district extending the school-year in May.

Purdy's make-up days include: Feb. 14, March 14, May 16, May 19-23, May 27 and a half-day on May 28.

As far as making up any days past those 10, Chancellor said the district is in a wait-and-see mode.

"We are waiting to make a decision and to see how many days we truly end up with," he said. "We have several options, but we're choosing to wait because this pattern of weather has been tough."

Ernest Raney, superintendent of the Exeter R-6 School District, could not be reached for comment on this report.