City of Cassville truck slides into man's vehicle

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Slick roads lead to totaling of local banker's SUV

The snowfall last week kept city of Cassville public works employees busy, and the slick areas of the city led to an incident on Vine Street.

Steve Walensky, public works director, said on Feb. 2, one of the city's dump trucks attempted to navigate the hill on Vine Street to spread melting agents, but the snow-covered street caused the truck to slide backward, spin around and collide with a 2006 Lincoln Navigator owned by Jon Horner, president of Security Bank in Cassville.

"Our public works foreman was the only person in the vehicle, and he felt terrible about it," Walensky said. "Fortunately, no one was hurt, and w'eve turned everything over to our insurance company."

Horner, who has lived atop the hill on Vine Street for two decades, said he had never seen that street so slick in snowy conditions.

"I tried to go up the hill on [Feb. 2] at about 1 p.m. and slid down and hit one car that was already stuck there," he said. "I called my buddy, who has a tow truck, and asked him to pull me out since my car was still drivable. Fifteen minutes later, he called to tell me it wasn't drivable any more because the snow plow had the same trouble I did, and it totaled my rig."

Horner said he has put in a claim with his insurance company, Allied Insurance of Des Moines, Iowa, and that company is working with the city's insurance company, Midwest Public Risk of Indepenence, Mo.

There was no damage to the city's vehicle, as it was the metal snow plow that collided with the plastic front end of Horner's vehicle.

Since the incident, Horner said he has been driving a spare vehicle, until he decides to buy something to replace the Navigator.

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