Sales tax income slides in January

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cold weather may have made worse showing in seven years

Cold weather may have contributed to lower sales tax revenues distributed to bi-county cities and counties in January. Sales tax income dropped 14 percent from a year ago, producing the lowest January receipts since 2007.

Receipts from Monett's four sales taxes dropped by 15 percent from a year ago. The two taxes for the general fund produced $113,906.70, down $20,244.18 from last January. The 10-month total for the general fund is down nearly $150,000 or 10 percent from last year's pace.

Pierce City's five sales taxes brought in $6,216.24 or 40 percent less than a year ago. The seven-eighths sales tax for the general fund hasn't produced a lower January total since 1995.

The two general taxes generated $4,662.97, a drop of $3,256.35 from a year ago. Nine months into the current fiscal year, the general fund taxes have yielded $74,189.01, up almost $2,000 from last year's pace.

The three sales taxes collected in Purdy dropped $5,203.62 or 62 percent from last January. Purdy's one-cent tax for general bills produced $1,579.22, down $2,602.04 from a year ago, the lowest January total for the tax since the 1980s. The seven-month fiscal year total for Purdy's general fund sales tax is down nearly $2,300 or 7 percent from last year's pace.

Verona was one of only three towns whose sales taxes topped last January's amounts. Receipts from the city's three taxes were up by more than $600 or more than 11 percent. The $2,918.07 received for the general fund was the largest January total on record, and boosted the 10-month fiscal year total to 14 percent better than last year's pace. The total was still 12 percent under the 2012 total.

Total sales tax coming into the bi-county area was $1,147,821.76, not counting the Barry County 911 tax. Compared to the same taxes collected last year, the amount reflected a drop of 14 percent.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $349,253.31. Not counting the new tax for street maintenance in Wheaton, the total was down 13 percent. Only Seligman and Exeter received higher sums than last January. Cassville's three taxes generated $16,302.39 less than a year ago, a drop of 12 percent.

The six Lawrence County cities with sales taxes generated $257,473.13, a drop of 20 percent. Receipts from the three taxes in Aurora dropped by more than $22,400.

Barry County's two half-cent county-wide taxes each generated more than $130,579, a drop of more than $13,000.

Lawrence County's three half-cent taxes each produced more than $82.000, a drop of $51.740.22, an 18 percent drop.

Barry County's 911 sales tax yielded $97,775.50, a drop of $5,100 despite the tax increase.

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