Four school boards to hold elections

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Contested elections feature incumbents, new challengers

The upcoming April 8 school board elections will feature both new and old candidates.

Voters in four cities will have the opportunity to choose new school board members, and two school boards will not be holding any contested races.

In Cassville, incumbents David Haddock, Becky Henningson and Jon Horner will be running against new candidates, Wade Hermansen and Ann Hennigan for the three vacant positions.

In Exeter, incumbents Kerry Mattingly, Larry Meyer and Gary Stringer are up for reelection. Newcomer Jason Cole is a challenger for one of the three available positions.

Southwest School also has three incumbents: Jeremy Bernard, Albert Pendergraft and Pete Rose. Terry Burgess and Ruthie "Doke" Henderson are challengers for the positions.

In Wheaton, incumbents Landon C. Brattin and Lewis R. Royer are up for reelection. Former member Larry Prewitt did not file for reelection. Everett Anthony "Tony" Ball, Joseph W. Brattin and Scott D. Prewitt are challenging for the board positions.

In Purdy, the three incumbents are up for reelection: Mike Bennett, Russ Neill and Ronnie Veith. With only three members signed up and three spaces available, an election will not be held.

In Shell Knob, incumbents Roger Pinnell and Howard Trimble signed up for reelection. Former board member Jackie Backes did not file for reelection. Steve Crandall, who was previously elected to take on the term of Jonathan Gray upon his move, will be replacing Backes. Robert "Bob" Grassino will take over Crandall's place to fill the two-year term left by Gray. Since the positions available are equal to the number of candidates who filed, an election will not be held.

The positions will be awarded to the three candidates in each school board who receive the largest amount of votes. If there is a runoff, the candidates could agree upon a method such as a coin toss to choose the winner, or the school district would be responsible for covering the cost of a run-off election.