Scammers again target local residents

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Authorities recommend caution against telephone fraud

Scammers have again attempted to coerce money from residents in Purdy.

Dorothy Gibbons reported she received a received a call on Friday morning from a person claiming to be her grandson who said he was in Cancun, Mexico. Gibbons has five grandsons. The caller claimed to have left his hotel with a friend and was arrested when marijuana was found in her taxi. Authorities said they would keep him in jail for six weeks until his hearing, or give him an immediate hearing if he paid them $1,300.

Having previously received a scam call, Gibbons asked for a return phone number. The caller hung up. Gibbons subsequently called the Missouri Attorney General's office and was told another similar call had been reported earlier in the day.

"We certainly have our share of scammer calls," said Jackie Lowe, Purdy police chief. "It may be we just report more of them."

Lowe said he advises residents to never send money, bank account information or Social Security numbers to anyone. He said scammers pose as princes and businesses, and the best response is resist their "pitch" for easy money or pleas.

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