Exeter R-6 credit card compromised

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One of about 40 district cards wrapped up in Target fraud

EXETER -- One of about 40 Mastercard credit cards owned by the Exeter R-6 School District was recently compromised in the Target data breach.

Ernest Raney, superintendent of the district, said a person attempted to use a fake duplicate of the the card at a Walmart in Brownsville, Tenn., on two separate occasions. The first was for a purchase of $250, and the second was for a purchase of $248, but both attempts to use the card were declined because the $500 card limit had already been reached.

"No other credit cards are at risk that I know of, and we have canceled the card that was stolen," Raney said.

Raney said the credit card company contacted the district the day after the attempted transactions to confirm it was not the school's doing. The company was suggested to Exeter by the Missouri School Board Association, as the card offers cash-back benefits not available through other companies.

Each teacher in the district has a card, but before using it, a teacher must complete a purchase order for what the use will entail, then pick up his or her specific card in the office and return it with a receipt after purchase. Raney said each teacher has a card, with individual names and card numbers, because it helps the district itemize and recount its spending.

"This was just one of those fluke things," Raney said. "I have never had a call about something like that before."

The school district was not charged for the fraudulent attempts to use the card.

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