Letter to the Editor

Barry County woman wants roads to be repaired

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear Editor,

I have contacted every department I can think of to have the following roads repaired without resolution:

1. Fletcher Ridge Road: Located in Seligman coming from Bentonville, Ark. A north turn onto this road and continue towards Washburn, past the Washburn Fire Station

2. FR 2272: Located in Seligman and/or Washburn and connecting to State Highway NN

The Missouri Department of Transportation will not help, as this location is out of their jurisdiction. I have called and left messages for the commissioners offices (Washburn and Seligman) several times without a response. I called and spoke with the Barry County clerk and was given 3 contact names and numbers; all of which were disconnected.

This road is an artery that many rely on to go to and from home, work, hospitals and more. For example, my husband works for Walmart Corporate Headquarters, and he relies on this road to go from Bentonville, Ark., and back to Washburn, twice per day.

This road (Fletcher Ridge which becomes FR 2272 and vice versa) is in DIRE need of repair. It is very dangerous. There are severe potholes and extreme rough patches throughout the length of these roads. The sides are also very rough.

Driving on these roads can certainly leave one stranded with a popped tire, and cause continuous damage to vehicles. But, what makes it so dangerous is this: In attempting to avoid these hazards, drivers swerve into oncoming traffic.

We have been nearly killed on far too many occasions by other drivers driving at us head on. Drivers are trying to avoid all of these hazards on this road, but a far worse fate lies ahead -- head-on collisions. It is just a matter of time.

This stretch of road (about six miles in total) is curvy, winding, narrow and hilly in some areas. I urge you to please do anything and everything in your power to help ensure that this roadway gets repaired ASAP. People's lives are at stake.

I cannot let this issue go until traction is made, it is too important.

Jennifer Czech,

Barry County