Purdy police investigate fraud cases

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Suspect in payroll forgery incidents arrested

Purdy police say residents have been the target of fraud attempts this past month.

Police Chief Jackie Lowe reported that a resident received a notice he had won a Facebook lottery for $500,000. He was told to pay a $596 "delivery fee" through Western Union to a third party in San Antonio, Texas. The victim did so and received no money.

Lowe indicated this was a widely-reported Internet scam using fake Facebook profiles of actual Facebook executives. Lowe reported it was "highly unlikely" that the victim would be able to get his money back.

Aldermen Robert Moser and Ken Real both reported contact from scammers.

"The No Call List is not very effective," Real said.

Officer Russ Nichol responded to the theft of a credit card, which had been used three times in 15 minutes at the Country Corner convenience store to purchase $130 in lottery tickets. A winning $20 ticket purchased in Purdy was redeemed in Butterfield. A security camera photo of that subject was identified by the victim, resulting in the arrest of Colton Collins, 21, of Purdy, for alleged misdemeanor stealing.

On Dec. 16, Lowe went to the Ramey Supermarket where a subject was attempting to cash a payroll check. Believing the subject may be involved in a series of counterfeit payroll checks in the area, officers set up a sting.

Diane M. Johnson, 41, of Marionville, also known as Diane Rogers-Sigetich, was subsequently charged with felony forgery. Lowe reported Johnson may have used a printer to create several counterfeit payroll checks that were cashed in Monett, Cassville and Springfield.

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