Purdy delegation visits Apple headquarters

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Leaders seek computer options for school district

A delegation from the Purdy R-2 School District visited Apple Computer headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., over the weekend to explore technology options for Purdy students.

Superintendent Steven Chancellor led the group that includes Randy Henderson and Ronnie Veith, school board president and vice president, and several faculty members.

"We [attended] an 'executive briefing' for Apple's line of products as demonstrated by educators applying them to classroom scenarios," Chancellor said.

Mindi Gates, instruction and curriculum coach, was accompanied by middle school teachers Jennifer Cornelius, math, and Misty Smith, social studies.

High school teachers who attended were Kay Wright, business; Andrew Godsey, social studies; Christine Schmitz, art, Molly Strickland, math; and Lisa Reid, science.

Apple covered the cost of the training offered during the trip and the hotel expenses.

"School districts across the country have recognized the value and relevance mobile technologies bring to students," Chancellor said. "As we proceed with this process in Purdy, it is important for us to not only evaluate the appropriate devices for students to use, but we also need to evaluate how they complement teaching and learning. The executive briefing provided by Apple will be an opportunity for our teachers, administrators, and school board members to see how dynamic teachers incorporate this hardware into rigorous learning environments.

"We believe we will leave the briefing with a clearer vision for what teaching and learning in the Purdy School District will look like in the very near future." The delegation returned on Friday