State Rep. Fitzpatrick to Seek Reelection

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick announced on Jan. 27, that he will seek reelection to the Missouri House of Representatives in the 158th District, which includes all of Barry County and parts of Stone and Lawrence counties, including Pierce City.

Representative Fitzpatrick was elected to his first term in 2012 after garnering approximately 42 percent of the vote in the three-person primary election and nearly 80 percent of the vote in the two-way general election.

After being sworn in, Fitzpatrick was appointed by the Speaker of the House to serve on the Tourism and Natural Resources committee, which considers legislation that impacts, and provides oversight for the Department

of Conservation and the Department of Natural Resources, which are the departments responsible for the management of Roaring River State Park.

Fitzpatrick's other committee assignments were to the Appropriations Committee for Transportation, Economic Development and Revenue, and the Budget Committee. Fitzpatrick was also appointed to the Fiscal Review Committee at the beginning of this year. During his first term, Fitzpatrick was the first legislator in his class to carry a bill to passage. The bill, HB 163, gave the cities of Monett and West Plains more control over their municipal elections, authority which every other city in the state already had. Fitzpatrick also supported and sponsored legislation to reform the welfare system in Missouri, protect Missourians' right to bear arms, protect the unborn, and defend Missourians' civil liberties.

While Fitzpatrick has worked on a variety of legislative priorities, he has found a niche in the House as an increasingly reliable expert on the state budget, which earned him the recent appointment to the Fiscal Review Committee.

"It is hard to believe the time has already come to seek reelection, but it has been a true honor to serve the 158th District for the last year, and I feel that I can make a greater impact in another term as I close the knowledge gap in fully understanding the legislative process and begin to build extremely valuable institutional knowledge," Fitzpatrick said. "If the people of the district send me back for a second term, I will continue to protect their values, and work diligently to ensure their tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently."

The 97th General Assembly convened on Jan. 8 for its 2nd regular session.

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