Unsung Heroes

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Barry County E-911 Center: First row: Eddie Laning and Lisa Swader. Second row: Mike Phillips, director; Ann Hennigan, Stuart Lombard, Ashley Barber and Jenall Watkins. Absent: Tony Hinkle, Kayla Robertson, Pat Blevins, Melissa Scott, Rusty Dilbeck, Carrie Jabben, Susan Carroll and Janell Brattin.

The Cassville Democrat is saluting our unsung heroes.

Barry County Sheriff's Office: Front row: Brandi Phillips, janitor; Jena Smith, civil process clerk; Kathy Emo, administrator. Second row: Chief Deputy Leonard Collins, Jim Smith, C.O., Bud Bland, assistant jail administrator; Emma Henson, reception; Becky Privett, cook; Jan Smith, jail administrator; Tammy Arnold, C.O.; Sheriff Mick Epperly; Kamala Harris, C.O., Nathan Toon, C.O. Third row: Sgt. Steven Jabben; Dep. Gary Snook; Steven Novack, C.O.; Lynn Scott, reserve deputy; Chuck Scott, reserve deputy; Lt. Randy Kalbaugh; Dep. Scott Salkill; Det. Rob Evenson; Sgt. Dave Ruark; Det. Doug Henry; Ep. Chris Hutson; and Dep. Bill Watkins. Fourth row: Lt. Gary Allen; Master Sgt. Carl Cosper; Det. Terry Meek; Dep. Mike Moore; Kyle Rhea, reserve deputy; and Paul Ferguson, reserve deputy.
Cassville Volunteer Fire Department: Front row: Captain Derek Acheson, Caleb Lee, PJ Craig, Jeff Stockton, Lloyd Bowen, Keith Gregory, Cody Stephens and captain Chris Reibert. Back row: Chief Millard Andrews, Nick Zamniak, Wes Phelps, Travis Littler, Jeff Bolton, Shannon Davis, Dakota Doss, Ray Thomas and Chuck Miner. Not pictured: Brad Harvey, Dave Wheelock, Dale Phelps, Mitch Allen, Dustin Gregory and Jason Nape.
Cassville Police Department: Front row: SRO-DARE Officer Jennifer Luckey, Patrolman Jon Cherney and Cpl. Donald Privett. Back row: Chief Dana Kammerlohr, Patrolman Justin Fohn, Patrolman Lance Long, Det. Danny Boyd and Patrolman Jason Manning. Absent: Patrolman Robert Snell, Investigator James Smith and Patrolman Colt Beck.
Barry Electric Cooperative: Front row: Don Newman, Nick Warren, Gary Lee, Alan McNabb, Kevin Holloway, Shannon Davis, Roger Gregory, Albert Pendergraft and James Gray. Second row: Mark Pry, Greg Tichenor, Mark Kelley, Johnie Hendrix, David Newman, Tim Thompson, Carroll Craig, Bricen Robbins and Joey Rose. Absent: Gary Paul and Marty Henry.
Cassville Public Works Department: Front row: Mike Hagins, Darrell Reynolds, Keith Gregory and Mike Radcliffe. Second row: Larry Privett, Steve Henderson, Jim Steward, Dwayne Moller, Steve Walensky, Brian Madison and Stan Patton. Absent: Kenny Schieler.
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