Online water bill pay off to slow start

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Only 13 customers used Cassville website to pay December bill

By Kyle Troutman

The city of Cassville's online bill pay option for water customers went live on Dec. 10, but not many of the city's residents have taken advantage of the service.

Steve Walensky, public works director for the city of Cassville, said only 13 customers used the online bill pay option in December, and only 24 residents have registered on the website.

"We expect it to pick up a lot more," he said. "This month, we'll be putting a note on people's water utility bills to remind them the online pay option is available."

While the online bill pay option is not seeing much action, Walensky said statistics concerning visitors to the site are looking positive. It had 241 visitors in December, 215 of which accessed the site for the first time. Visitors also averaged 2.4 page views per visit.

Walensky said the online bill pay option is exactly that -- an option -- and he is not pushing customers to use it if they do not wish to.

"We have the drop boxes on the side of the building and by the parking lot at city hall, and having so many people come in to pay their bills has let us have good interactions with our customers," he said. "The goal is to be able to have a useful tool available to the customer, and it's up to the customers and what they are most comfortable with and what's most convenient for them as far as paying their bills."

Walensky said one advantage to using the website as opposed to using the drop boxes is the amount of information given online.

"The online bill pay option has stats on how a customer's water is being used," he said. "Customers can use that information to practice some conservation, if they so choose."

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