Purdy approves speed bumps replacement

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

City to share $2,500 expense with school district

The Purdy City Council has agreed to share an estimated $2,500 cost with the Purdy School District to replace the speed bumps on the south and west sides of the school campus.

Teddy McIntire, public works superintendent, said snow removal equipment had damaged or removed the existing speed bumps. He saw no need to reinstall the bumps on the east side of the campus, affecting traffic for athletic events. The expense will be split between the city and the school, 50/50.

The new bumps, starting at the southeast corner of Gabby Gibbons Drive, will extend around the one-way part of the street, past the bus unloading area on the west and through the two-way section leading to Highway C. The five new bumps will be shorter, only two inches high to remedy removal by snow plows, and about six inches in length.

McIntire said the one contractor who gave him a price would honor his quote in six months and do the work after the regular school session ends.

School Superintendent Steven Chancellor said the traffic situation around the school will change further in the coming weeks as construction starts on the entry to the gym. The road along the north side of the school will probably be closed by February.

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