Fitzpatrick appointed to fiscal review committee

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

State Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick will play a larger role in helping to ensure legislation that moves through the Missouri House of Representatives is crafted in a way that is fiscally responsible and in the best interests of Missouri taxpayers. Fitzpatrick was recently named by House Speaker Tim Jones to serve as a member of the House Fiscal Review Committee.

Jones said he selected Fitzpatrick to serve on the committee because of the leadership and expertise he has displayed in helping to craft fiscally responsible budgets.

"While it is only his first term in the House, Rep. Fitzpatrick has quickly earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues by becoming one of our foremost experts on budget issues. He is a true budget hawk and someone who will work tirelessly to ensure the legislation we pass represents the best possible use of taxpayer dollars."

The responsibility of the House Committee on Fiscal Review is to consider any bill that requires net additional expenditures of state money in excess of $100,000 or which reduces net state revenue by more than $100,000 in any of the three fiscal years immediately following the effective date of the bill. As a member of the committee, Fitzpatrick will work with his fellow committee members to review all legislation assigned to the committee before allowing it to be passed by the Missouri House.

"I want to thank Speaker Jones for appointing me to this position and for providing me with an opportunity to work with my colleagues to make sure the bills we pass are good public policy and a wise investment of our tax dollars," said Fitzpatrick, R-Shell Knob. "I am excited for the session to start and to get to work in this new role where I will continue my commitment to protecting Missouri taxpayers."

The 2014 legislative session began Wednesday, Jan. 8.