Cassville's fifth grade Nutcracker shines in front of full house

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Democrat Photo/Kerry Hays Members of the Intermediate School Choir performed songs from The Nutcracker during Tursday night's performance at the FEMA Event Center in Cassville. The choir performed under the direction of Janelle Hurn.

For 10 consecutive years, the fifth graders at Cassville Intermediate School have performed a version of The Nutcracker that has become a holiday treat for family and friends just before the holidays. This year's production needed to be rescheduled due to inclement weather, but that didn't keep nearly 800 people from witnessing the production at the FEMA Event Center.

"They did a great job, we had been working on it for eight weeks," said Janelle Hurn, elementary music instructor who also directed the event. "We were a bit concerned when the snow hit, but they really pulled it off."

The Nutcracker has become a well-loved holiday tradition for many years. Originally performed as a ballet, this particular version used songs and dialogue to tell the familiar story. Specific students portrayed the main characters and each fifth-grade class was featured onstage in wonderful costumes.

The fight begins It was a duel to the death between the Nutcracker (Sebastian Hernandez), and the Mouse King (Ryan Brant) during Thursday's performance of The Nutcracker at the FEMA Event Center in Cassville. As the Mouse King advances on the still-wounded Nutcracker, he becomes distracted, long enough for the Nutcracker to stab him. Democrat Photo/Kerry Hays

This was the first time that The Nutcracker was held at the FEMA Event Center and Hurn noted the differences in adapting to the new space.

"It was a new challenge as we figured out how to do things differently," Hurn said. "It was a good challenge, which created a better situation for the kids to perform and a better experience for the audience."