Annual Tinsel Tea welcomes 175 guests

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Democrat Photo/Zucca Tinsel Tea hostesses Hostesses for the 11th annual Tinsel Tea, held Saturday at United Methodist Church in Cassville, are pictured above. In the front row, from left, are: Sylvia Phillips, Carolyn Stacy, Leslie Smith, Stacy Runnels, Kayla Ragsdale, JoAnne Ellis, Barbara White and Mindi Artherton. Second row: Jill LeCompte, Melissa Vollenweider, Michelle Kent, Bertie Bailey, Brenda Fletcher, Margaret Beeson, Marolyn Wood, Patty Door, Carmella Buckner, Kelsey Vollenweider, Emily Wood and Cari Vollenweider. Third row: Janet Mills, Christy Hermansen, Bobbie Tucker, Sandy Cullers, Linda Phipps, Judie Starchman, Lee Assing, Tiffany Miner and Janet Boys. Fourth Row: Jan Houser, Sarah Dalton, Melanie Stringer and Stephanie Marple. Not pictured are: Patti Daniels, Stacy Taliaferro Barnes, Heide Henderson and Carleen Shanks.

Women of Cassville United Methodist Church hosted their 11th annual Tinsel Tea to benefit the church's food pantry, serving approximately 175 guests during the fundraising event.

Stacy Runnels, who coordinated this year's event, said a total of 20 tables were decorated in various themes to celebrate the holiday season.

The holiday meal consisted of chicken salad, cranberry salad, croissants, fruit, quiche, cheesecake and tea or coffee.

A total of $2,488 was raised to benefit the food pantry, once expenses were deducted.

Table hostesses included: Mindi Artherton, Emily Wood, Lee Assing, Carmella Buckner, Patty Door, Sarah Dalton, Jan Houser, Patti Daniels, Stacy Taliaferro Barnes, Jo Ann Ellis, Barbara White, Brenda Fletcher, Sandy Cullers, Heidi Henderson, Carleen Shanks, Christy Hermansen, Jill LeCompte, Melissa Vollenweider, Michelle Kent, Sylvia Phillips, Stephanie Marple, Melanie Stringer, Janet Mills, Tiffany Miner, Janet Boys, Kayla Ragsdale, Stacy Runnels, Leslie Smith, Carolyn Stacy, Judie Starchman, Linda Phipps, Bobbie Tucker, Bertie Bailey, Marolyn Wood and Margaret Beeson.

A special acknowledgment was given to George's, Inc. for donating the chicken for the event.

"This was my second year to organize the Tinsel Tea," said Runnels. "I assisted Jo Ann Ellis for five years before she handed the reins over to me last year.

"I really enjoy planning and organizing the event," Runnels continued. "I feel it is so important to raise the money for our food pantry here at the United Methodist Church, especially at this time of year.

"I also love the Christmas season, decorating for the tea, preparing the food and music," she said. "It's all part of the holidays. It just doesn't feel like Christmas until we have the Tinsel Tea."

Entertainment for the program and the luncheon were was provided by the UMC Hand Bell Choir, along with Smith, Runnels, Stringer and Janet McNeill and other special guests. Jo Ellen Fielding accompanied the Hand Bell Choir on flute.

"I am truly grateful for everyone who assisted with the tea," said Runnels, "especially the table hosts, cooks and those who attended."

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