City of Cassville launches new website

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Democrat Photo/Kerry Hays Steve Walenksy, public works director for the city of Cassville, sees the addition of a city website where residents may pay their utility bills online as a benefit for the city. The website can be found at The website also offers other helpful information, including contact information for many city officials.

The City of Cassville launched a new website last week with the ability to pay water bills online introduced as an important feature of the application. The website also includes links to city departments and various other organizations within the community. Steve Walenksy, public works director, sees these additions as a real benefit to city residents.

"Citizens will now be able to easily find contact numbers for various departments, city officials, and other important numbers," Walensky said. "Barry Electric's contact, Centurytel's contact -- some of the staples that someone would need. Most people now have replaced their phone book with the Internet."

Online bill pay was a crucial component of website design during the development process according to Walensky. Previously, the only way residents could pay their water bills was by dropping them off or sending them through the mail.

Walensky noted that there is a registration procedure that is required before being able to use the bill pay functions. Customers will need to have their current bill on hand while registering. Address and specific account information are the only items needed during this one-time process.

Additional benefits have also been added that will provide residents with important information that will aid in tracking water use over time. These benefits can help patrons make better decisions about conservation and monthly use.

"The other thing that's really nice is that it has your history, which the customer has never seen before," said Walensky. "If you happen to have a leak, you might be able to see a spike in your usage that doesn't correlate with normal use or special circumstances like having guests or the filling of a pool. This makes the customer more intelligent because we're providing them with the data through the website."

The city has out-sourced development and updating of the website to MDC Technology Group from Monett. The city also acquired higher-level SSL certificates to ensure the security of financial information transfer. Having another company involved helps to keep current event information up-to-date according to Walensky. For emergencies and other timely items of note, city personnel will have the ability to add information to a text bar that will scroll along the bottom of the screen.

Citizen feedback is an important component of making the city's website successful, according to Walensky. He asked that anyone who has concerns or ideas submit their information by clicking on the link to his name, which is located on the website. This link will generate an email that will go directly to his attention.

"I think that citizenry feedback will be very beneficial in how we start to mold and craft the future website," said Walensky.

The City of Cassville's website can be accessed by typing into your web browser. Please note: typing "www" may be required to access the site in some environments.

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