CHS students compete to give back to the community

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Each year during the holidays, students at Cassville High School nominate three girls and three boys from each class to become part of a unique opportunity that provides significant benefits to the community.

"The Cassville High School Student Council has a competition, and they choose one boy and one girl from each class, freshman through senior, to go out into the community and see who can raise the most money," said Michelle Bright, one of the faculty coordinators for the program. "All the money raised is given to OACAC, and they use it toward their needs."

Once the voting ends, then the real work begins, according to Bright, who sees this program as a way to give back to the community.

"The students look forward to participating in this particular competition," said Bright. "It takes a different kind of student to step up and be willing to do that because it's a lot of work, and they have to be really committed."

The eight students selected by their peers have already begun the process of raising money for the program. Some have solicited funds from local businesses who may simply give a donation or allow the student to display a donation jar. When all the donations are collected, the boy and girl students who collect the most money are crowned "Mr. Merry Christmas" and "Miss Merry Christmas" at an all-school assembly.

"I think there's a lot of personal reward for the students in a competition like this," said Bright. "It's different from our homecoming and Tip-off crowning, because those students are chosen for their personalities or their popularity. These particular winners will be chosen because of the dedication and hard work they put into making a difference in the Cassville community."

Last year's program raised a total of $8,343, which was given to OACAC and used as part of their Share Your Christmas program. Last year's participants also sponsored a food drive of canned items. Bright sees the appreciation shown by OACAC as an important part of the program's success over the years.

"This gives the students an opportunity to give back," said Bright. "When they join forces like this, the kind of giving that they do can make a big impact."

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