Ozarks Viewpoints

Friday, November 22, 2013

Best pal

If canines, or dogs, are man's best friend, then what does that make cats, man's best pal?

There seems to be an increasing incident of felines being used in various advertising efforts, even those outside of cat food.

After we mysteriously lost our cat, Ringo, we had a couple of cats that just didn't work out. It was a difficult task to take them back to the refuge, but it was obviously a necessity. The household just wasn't the same for several months.

Then suddenly the Haven of the Ozarks posted the photo of a young male kitten that was completely white with blue eyes. While headed somewhere that weekend, Sue called the near Exeter facility to inquire about the availability. Assured he was still there, she asked if he could be held until after the weekend, and that was approved.

Neely arrives

So the next Monday, Neely (named to remember Sue's grandmother) came to Chinquapin Woods. He was lifted out of the carrier and quickly disappeared for the duration of one month... seen only sparingly as he went from one hiding place to another, Shelley finally discovered him under a sofa in the library. He was eating well and obviously using his litter box, so we decided not to push the get-acquainted issue.

Just as suddenly as he disappeared, one evening he apparently decided this was home and he came out and has been in the way every step Sue takes these days. Really, she has to use caution in walking around the house when he's around.

Color uncertain

Neely is as white as snow, except a showing of black tint toward the tip of his tail. If he had eyebrows, they too would tend toward gray.

He was a Ferrell cat at his beginning so species isn't available. Unlike previous cats in our house, he isn't a shedder in the hair department. He's getting the best of care these days, and he has grown a lot and is now well acclimated to the run of the house.

His likes

Possibly like most cats in a household, it doesn't pay to leave small items around on a table or the like unless you want to get them hidden.

Sue lost track of an antique ring once from the kitchen table, later finding it under the refrigerator. The vehicle plug for my cell phone went missing off the dining room table, only to be found behind a dish in which he had been fed at the adjoining corner of the kitchen.


Cold weather that broke a string of reasonable temperatures in this area last week was well predicated in the Almanac. Fact is there isn't much chance of reasonable weather returning to many areas of the country, according to the Almanac.

By reasonable it would appear blustery and cold weather will be with us through Thanksgiving. In fact, the week before, predictions are for stormy weather coming out of the Rockies and spilling out of the northern plains into the Midwest.

The best fishing days for the month ended on the 18th.

Sound familiar?

I just finished reading a timely book about the late President Kennedy, which is practically on the 50th anniversary of his being killed in Dallas, Texas.

One of his observations can give food for thought in any conceivable way, it follows:

Concerning the mood of the nation, he said, "No, the country was not meeting its potential. No, we were not the same nation of doers who'd historically and with such sacrifice, ended WW II. Yes, we could do better, and yes, with the right leadership, it was in our power to get the country moving again."

In that same vein, a reminder toward success was, "A journey of 1,000 miles, begins with one step."

For an opinion on the above might come a comment of these being applicable to any level of life in this country. It could be as far reaching as Cassville to Washington, D.C., if anyone happens to wonder how this columnist thinks.

Good job

With a slow start of the season and discounting the final three minutes and a possible disputed official's opinion on interference, our Cassville Wildcats did a commendable job this past season. They very well could have been in the state playoffs had fortune looked their way in district semi-finals.

So, it's a tip of the hat to coach Parnell, his staff and most importantly to all those young men who devoted their lives from the heat of summer into November to uphold that tradition of the Black and Gold.

The devotion of the staff and team did themselves proud and surely represented our community well.

Thanks Wildcats for a job well done...start now building for next year... and you will be out front in the race!